Our Story

Souq Al Bahrain is an exclusiv slimagic caps best corded electric snow blower e authorized Bahraini products retailer based in Dubai. Our aim is to bring the Bahraini products ranging from Showaiter family confectionery, vita energy opiniones top ten reviews Herbal medicine, Bahrain Al Jazeera pickles, Bahraini Al Ameer spices, Bahraini pafuks etc to Emirati customers who always had a sweet tooth for them.

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The story of our endeavour starts from 2005 with our first stall in Global Village, Dubai. With its rich history, Showaiter sweets was the main attraction for the stall. The dish, an integral part of local hospitality throughout the Arab world is served along with traditional Arab Coffee. It is also a key feature in any Arabian Dessert Menu. We were warmly welcomed by Emirati and Arab world for their most favourite Bahraini products.

Since Global Village, the world’s largest tourism, leisure and entertainment destination is open only for a period of 6 months in a year, and popular demand for the Bahraini products, we opened our first retail shop in July 2018 at Fujeirah in a 1000 sq ft area. In the very next year, we expanded our venture with a 1400 sq ft retailer shop in DeerFields mall, Abudhabi and a kiosk at Safeer hypermarket, Central Mall, Khalifa City, Abudhabi.

Now we have a wide range of collection in Bahraini products including Margadosh water, Basmat Noora Pafuk, Halwachi Pafuk, Bahraini herbal products such as fat burner and skin tone enhancer.

We welcome you to come and experience our products.